Test Huaxi Test Post Test

Naturally. The ink on the government announcement hadn’t yet dried up, or Huaxi already announced its intention to purchase twenty aircraft in the next five years. It will offer flights for tourists, but also wants to set up a pilot training base.

Tower not in Huaxi.

Brilliant idea, since China urgently needs more pilots. The country’s carriers are set to double their fleet size to 5000 aircraft by 2015. They’ll need 18000 new pilots to make ‘em fly, but the only training institution in China so far spews out just 1500 a year.

But you don’t stay rich by wasting money. So - whenever possible, merge your copies of famous

buildings. See: it’s not difficult to stick the Statue of Liberty on top of what is intended to be a replica of the US Capitol building.

That doesn’t just get you bragging rights, but also a free villa or two - with compliments of the town government. It gets you free food, as much as you and your family reasonably need.

I forgot if it also gets you a free car or two. Nonetheless, if it doesn’t, a car is pretty much all you have to pay for out of your own pocket when a resident of Huaxi.